Card Design Guideline

Design Format

For customer with own design artwork, please kindly follow the below specifications:
  • Smart Card International only accepts the artwork using PC(Windows) platform
  • All files must have resolution of 300dpi or above
  • Please use Adobe Illustrator Version 9.0 or below when creating the artwork
  • All files must be saved in .ai file format
  • With a manuscript (if both sides), it must be divided into left and right on the same file, do not split into two files. Always place (front) on the left, the (back) on the right.
  • Please use CMYK color mode
  • Be sure to replace the RGB colors to CMYK colors, otherwise during production it will not produce the standard four-color CMYK printing output (four-color color book), and the display color (RGB) is not authentic.
  • Please indicate all the PANTONE colors on the design template for production reference
  • All text must be OUTLINED, otherwise the font style cannot be output as the desired one
  • The standard size of the card is 85.6mm x 54mm

Artwork Design Guidelines

  • All critical text or image must be placed INSIDE the trim line, otherwise text or image outside the trim line will be CUT OFF (refer to Guideline II & III )
  • Please extend the background design at least 3mm on each side of the trim line ( red line) without advance angle
  • Please reserve a white panel signature for card holder’s signature / barcode if applicable


  • Brightness, direction of light source and angle of observation should be adequate when examining the color. Otherwise, perception on color would be affected.
  • Every production process may have little deviation according to the room temperature, humidity, storage, machine model, ink temperature. Slight ink receptivity difference and materials in different production batches should be allowed.
  • Also, observer's health condition, age, degree of fatigue, psychological condition and adaptability of eyes after seeing other colors may also affect the color perception.

Design Template Reference

PVC Card Size (Standard) Reference

Hard Color Proof Reference

Screen Printing Color Reference

Guideline for Special Effect Card

  1. Embossed Number Area
  2. Embossed numbering can be printed in a silver or gold tipping similar to your credit card. The size of the embossed number is closed to 18pt font “Arial”. The safe area of embossed number is (80x48mm) card design artwork as below:

  3. Signature Panel Area
  4. If you would like to place a signature panel on your card, the signature panel area is designed in dark color C0 M0 Y0 K100 (for Blank or White Card) or C0 M0 Y0 K0 (for Colour Card). Card Design artwork as below:

  5. Barcode and Magnetic Stripes
  6. Magnetic stripes are at a fixed location on the card.
    Barcodes can be placed anywhere on the card, you should keep a blank frame for your barcode (should be larger than the barcode). Card Design artwork as below: