Company Background

Smart Card Asia is the subsidiary company of Rewrite Card Technology Limited and Rewrite PowerTech Asia Ltd which were established in 2002. We are a high-tech enterprise in plastic card manufacturing and membership application with state-of-the-art equipment and technology from Heideberg, Germany and other countries. We are specialized in Membership Card, Identity Card, Barcode Card, Magnetic Stripe Card, IC Contactless Card, Smart Card, Hybrid Card, Phone Card, Calendar Card, Prepaid Card, Rewrite Card, Transparent Card, Game Card, Guarantee Card, Discount Card, Medical Card, Hotel Card, Scratch Card, Metal Card, Hanging Card, Luggage Tag and various PVC cards in the marketplace.

Over the years of sustainable development, Smart Card Asia prides itself on top-notch automation equipment, sophisticated production experience and modern printing technology. We partner closely with our Japan factory on card technology innovation, quality material improvement and advanced machinery. Strict quality control compliance and best production assurance have earned us a brand recognition in competency, precision and reliability. We serve our customers worldwide and have a sound reputation.


We value the relationship with all our customers. Keeping attentive customer service, communication and immediate response to customer’s enquiries, compliments or complaints are our top priorities. The key of our success is proven from value-added quality, professional experience and service excellence to always meet our customers’ confidence and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on this sustainable development direction and business model.

At Smart Card Asia, we are always pleased to serving you!

To ensure accuracy and quality of the products, we always go through the following procedures for every order:
  1. Order confirmation
  2. Hard colour proof verification
  3. Dummy card proof verification
  4. Production approval procedure
  5. Card QC test procedure
  6. Prompt delivery

Quality Control